Bettie’s Orchard

Bettie’s Orchard at the Turner Barn.

In memory of Bettie Turner 7-25-21 - 3-2-2018
We have started an Orchard!
In the spring of 2018 after the death of my Grandmother, a family friend sent an article to us about the Turner farm orchard that was destroyed by a tornado in 1917. As a young boy growing up on the Turner farm I remember seeing a hand drawn map that depicted an orchard south of the farm house. While this did not conger up voices from a bygone years saying build a baseball field, we felt this was a sign of what to do. We now have 7 different varieties of apple trees totaling 150 trees.
We will be welcoming our first small crop of apples in the fall of 2021. Each year our trees progress the crop will improve.

2018 10 trees of each of the following:

Grand Gayla
is heart-shaped and has distinctive yellow-orange skin with red striping. With a crisp, sweet taste that can't be beat

produces a medium-sized yellowish-green apple with soft, white flesh that has a sweet-sour flavor--great for applesauce, pies and freezing.

Golden Delicious
are firm, crisp, and white-fleshed. These apples have a balanced sweet-tart aromatic flavor, which has been described as honeyed.

Red Delicious
has a sweet but very mild flavor, somewhat reminiscent of slightly over-ripe melon. The flesh is juicy and has a light crispness.

look similar to a McIntosh, with a glossy red/maroon color and round shape. The flavor is mildly tart and richly spicy.

2019 trees
Red Jonaprince
is a mutation of Jonagold having a bright to dark red colored, non-greasy and very early ripening apple. The fruit flesh is firmer and has a little more sugar and is a little more sour than that of Jonagold

2020 trees
Fuji apples
have a satisfying crunch and juiciness to them. They are fairly sweet with only a slight tartness to the flesh. Overall, they have a pleasant crunch, good texture and are very refreshing

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